• Easy Trade® Platform

    collects orders from multiple different sources like: professional trading screens, order routing networks, online trading platforms, automatic trading systems. Orders are then managed by traders, by a smart order router, executed DMA, processed by algos or internally matched. Easy Trade® Platform implements connectivity to exchanges and brokers.

    Order Colletion

    • Trading Screens:

    Easy Trade® Client and Web Widgets allow users to enter orders

    • Network Connectivity:

    Easy Trade® collects orders from networks such as Trading Screen, Fidessa, Autex, Finestway, Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters

    • Broker Connectivity:

    banks/brokers use Easy Trade® to collect order from other brokers via FIX

    • APIs:

    Alogs, Auto Trading Systems or 3° Party Application can send orders to Easy Trade® through a comprehensive set of APIs

    Value Added Functionalities

    • Smart Order Routing:

    integrated with Easy Trade® Smart Path for dynamic and complex routing decision

    • Pre-trade Filtering & Risk Management:

    full integration with Easy Trade Risk® Manger enabling full validation and control of orders

    • Internal Matching:

    a matching engine allows the organization of internal crossing of orders in accordance with MiFID directive 

    • Contingent Orders:

    Stop Limit, Stop Market, Trailing Stops int the case thay are not directly provided by the execution venue

    • Order Automation:

    basket trading, basic algo (VWAP, TWAP, Participation)

    • Supervision:

    Allows different levels of supervision

    Market Access

    • Direct Market Gateways:

    Italian Markets (equity, derivatives and bonds), LSE + a large range of markets through a partner company 

    • Broker Connectivity:

    Easy Trade® provides certified FIX connectivity to many brokers to access their DMA (Direct Market Access), Algos or SOR (Smart Order Routing) services.

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  • Easy Trade® Risk Manager

    Easy Trade® Risk Manager is based on JANUS Risk Manager the real-time risk management platform developed by the partner The Technancial Company Ltd.

    Easy Trade® Risk Manager manages risk in real-time across asset classes, markets and currencies. Integrated with Easy Trade® Execution Management System performs low-latency pre-trade validation of orders. With more than 60 risk checks from Fat Finger, Position Limits, Balances and Margins, Greeks, P&L and Exposures, Easy Trade® Risk Manager provides flexible ways to control user Trading Power.

    Refer to http://www.technancial.com for further information on JANUS Risk Manager.

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  • Easy Trade® Information System

    Multi-layer architecture gives flexibility and high availability with back-end servers connecting to sources of information and front-end servers managing distribution to third party applications or end user interfaces.

    Back-ends collect information from multiple sources, process the information and then distribute the data. This data can also be enriched with proprietary information and other data provided by third party systems (Business Layer) 

    Direct Market Access:
    Italian Markets (equity, derivatives and bonds), LSE + a large range of markets through a partner company

    Information Providers:
    ETIS connects to some information providers and distributes data from feeds like Bloomberg, Borsa Italiana, IDC Comstock, Morningstar RTD,  Quanthouse, Thomson Reuters

    Third party gateways:
    Sources of information are also third party gateways connected to ETIS via APIs. 

    News feeds:
    Many different news vendors feeds are integrated into ETIS.

    Databases, files (FTP, XML) and other information sources are also managed. 

    Easy Trade® Chart Server
    is the Easy Trade® Information System component that stores the tick by tick market data and processes it to provide charting information to end-user applications that use this data to plot charts. Market data is also processed and aggregated by end-of-day automatic procedures to manage storage of multiple days, weeks, months and years of data.

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  • Easy Trade® Client & Web

    IT SOFTWARE has more than 20 years of experience in designing and developing graphical user interfaces for trading and market data display. Easy Trade® Client is a professional trading GUI used by professional institutional and retail-traders to trade different asset-classes on global markets. Easy Trade® Web is an online web-based version designed for retail users

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  • Consulting

    IT SOFTWARE supports its clients in their specific needs providing consultancy services like:

    Integration of Easy Trade Platform with client's legacy systems to upload Start of Day information.

    Integration of Easy Trade Platform with sources and destinations of orders/executions both real-time (FIX is the preferred protocol) and batch.

    Integration of Easy Trade Platform with Middle and Back Office systems.

    Customisation and configuration of Easy Trade to meet the specific needs of each client.

    Support to the use of Easy Trade API to integrate external systems in real-time.

    Implementation of client specific Algorithms.

    White-labelling of Easy Trade Client & Easy Trade Web.

  • SaaS

    IT SOFTWARE's products can be either installed in client's datacentre or provided as SaaS solutions.

    Managed Solutions: If installed in client's datacentre IT SOFTWARE provides managed services to assist clients in day by day support activities.

    SaaS: IT SOFTWARE partners with leading datacentres providers in different geopraphies to provide SaaS solutions to clients willing to reduce their costs of ownership.