Our History

IT SOFTWARE, a Milan based company, designs and develops solutions to satisfy the trading needs of the most sophisticated financial institutions.

Since 1993 IT SOFTWARE has been active in the eFinance sector, keeping up with the technological evolution of trading in digital markets and making it possible to innovate and increase the efficiency of trading rooms.

Our Strength:


Mastery of technology and experience with financial logics identify IT SOFTWARE: a company that has been able to seize and anticipate market trends and competitive demands by winning the trust of more than 80 financial institutions in Italy and abroad.


Products, projects and services are managed by specialists capable of shaping solutions to the client's specific needs. The people who work at IT SOFTWARE today are driven by enthusiasm and by the constant pressure to innovate that guided its founders when they created and developed the company.


Working alongside primary entities of the financial world, moreover, IT SOFTWARE benefits from a unique point of observation on the evolutionary trends and is therefore able to develop its product anticipating market demand and to sustain operational efficiency and competitivity.


A seasoned team of business experts complements the strong technology team bringing together extensive knowledge and cutting edge technology for the financial markets


Most European Stock Exchanges start the transition from open outcry to screen-based stock exchanges
IT SOFTWARE is incorporated in Italy

The Italian Stock Exchange allows Independent Software Vendors to connect  their Order Management Systems directly to the exchange
IT SOFTWARE releases Easy Trade®, the first Italian platform for screen-based  trading  and the first to be connected to the exchange

The number of institutions providing DMA services continues to grow and screen based trading becomes widely used
IT SOFTWARE extends Easy Trade® to other stock exchanges and other asset classes including bonds and exchange traded derivatives

Birth of the first Italian Alternative Trading System
IT SOFTWARE releases Easy Trade® Market Engine, which is a matching system designed to meet the requirements of alternative trading systems 

The need for interconnections with foreign brokers and international exchanges increases
IT SOFTWARE releases Easy Trade® Order Routing and Order Management systems

Online Brokers asks for sophisticated pre-trade risk checks especially to provide trading on futures&options
IT SOFTWARE develops Easy Trade® Risk Manager with initial functionalities of real-time position keeping and margin evaluation

Buy side demand for direct market access continues to grow. Algorithmic  trading on the institutional and retail side becomes an important requirement
IT SOFTWARE redesigns its trading platform to meet these requirements using the same technology with added functionalities 

Market Abuse and MIFID European Directives are introduced
IT SOFTWARE releases RADAR which is a market abuse and MIFID monitoring platform. IT SOFTWARE also adds real time risk management functionalities  as well as smart order routing  to its product suite

A global financial crisis hits the markets starting from the US. Politicians and Regulators start pushing on new regulations to increase control, surveillance and risk management
The increasing demand for real-time risk management and market surveillance becomes a strong opportunity for Easy Trade® Risk Manager and RADAR

IT SOFTWARE starts its presence in the UK through a partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group

THE TECHNANCIAL COMPANY Ltd is incorporated in the UK as a fully owned subsidiary of IT SOFTWARE

THE TECHNANCIAL COMPANY Ltd is incorporated in Hong Kong as a fully owned subsidiary of IT SOFTWARE. An office in Hong Kong is opened to support sales and operations in APAC